Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trees of Greenbelt: Emphasis on bark (updated).

Lately, my husband Owen has been interested in identifying trees around Greenbelt after they've lost their leaves. He has learned a lot about the bark of some of the most common local trees.

Here is the poster he made, after carefully tracing and drawing images of bark. (The images of bark of the two pine trees and the maple are photographs, and the others are pencil drawings.) I think that it's beautiful! But we'd both be interested in any suggestions or corrections that you might have. Share them in the comments below.

Update: Owen has edited the poster, after thinking about one person's comment that the Virginia Pine bark looked more like Pitch Pine. He went back to the woods to take more photographs of Virginia Pine and Pitch Pine specimens, and he decided that he agreed with the commenter. The new version of the poster includes both species.

Here is a link to Google Drive, where you may view and download the full resolution file (about 28 MB).


If you would rather email me directly for the full resolution file, or a smaller file with fewer pixels, you are welcome to contact me at demosgen@gmail.com.

Owen has recently updated his earlier tree identification poster (emphasizing leaves) to include a more correct and complete discussion of pine needles. You can find that poster here.

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