Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fancy paper valentines.

This was my year to make fancy valentines using construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

I like to make several folds in the paper and cut out lots of tiny shapes.
Step 1. Construction paper and sharp scissors.

Step 2. Small shapes cut along the center fold.
Step 3. A second fold and more cut-outs.
Step 3. A third fold and a few more cut-outs.

Here you can see the results of cutting along three distinct folds.
Step 4. I wanted more empty space, so I made yet another fold . . .
and cut out more shapes.

Step 5. One final fold . . .
a few more cut-outs . . .

and here is the unfolded heart.
Step 6. I glued it onto white paper. Be sure to use a high quality glue stick.
Steps 7&8. I added a tiny red paper heart and cut the whole thing out.


  1. LOVE the beautiful simplicity. And the red heart! Makes me hark back to the days in the apartment when you decorated the walls with snowflakes.